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Cut Copy Paste…..Engineers Slogan…..

Posted by Subodh on November 17, 2008

Dil Kya Kare…. Jab kissi se kissi ko pyaar ho gaye…. (My ringtone)……

“Hello, May I speak to Subodh Shah?”

“Yes Speaking.”

“This is Mr. X from the XXXX College of Engineering.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I just called to let you know that the last day of submission of preliminary project report is today. But till now no one has come to me for verification of the report. So are expected to get the report today before 5pm or else your project report won’t be accepted.”

A moment of blank mind state. Then suddenly I realised what a long day I was going to have…..

As I realised I called all my project partners and they arrived in half an hour and we started the work. Soon the submission started and two of then namely Saron and Sanket had to leave as they had the submission to do. I looked at the clock it showed 10am.  We two, Rushi and I, were stranded and the whole report to complete, the clock ticking in one side and we two looking at each other……

5 hours to go and we were still deciding on the Title of the project with no project report I asked Rushi to decide on the project title and till I would manage the template. I asked a couple of friends who were doing the same stuff for the template with no luck. Then I decided that I would talk with my Project guide (who had called me earlier in the day) for the deadline extension atleast for one more day. I tried my best but he refused. Tired and frustrated on the way to the classroom where Rushi was working on his laptop by God’s grace I found a studious boy whose project report was complete. I asked him for the report and he obliged. I copied the report and pasted it on the laptop. As I didn’t have the time to go through the report completely I copied the template too so that I could work on the optional parts…. (ie to cut them off course). Rushi then came up with the title for the project which he liked and I was in no mood to complain…. or rather didn’t feel the need to object. I thanked the person and he left. As we started preparing the report and successfully completed editing the first page of the report which included the Title and group details I just looked at the clock from the corner of the eye. It said 12 noon…..

The time was ticking and the problem of vocabulary we both faced was adding more fuel to fire as Sanket, our GRE man, was busy with submissions. Somehow we completed the first chapter of the report which included the history and the background of the project. No prizes for guessing as this was already done at the time we submitted the project abstract. And what we did was just Copy and Paste. Then God knows how come Saron showed up only to make matters worse as he had a bad news. He told that the report should have the completed modelling diagram along with the analysis……

Both of us, Rushi and I, first asked him to shut up but soon realised that he was right. We turned our eyes towards the bottom right hand corner of the laptop screen and found that we had barely 3 more hours to go……

I got up and told Rushi Going this way we won’t be able to complete this. We need one more laptop. So that I could prepare all the modelling diagrams and you do all the formatting. I’ll try and get a laptop from a friend. Soon I got a laptop from a person who had already done the modelling for OOMD system which made my job easier. I could easily copy his work and use the same syntax if not the entire the concept. As the clock was ticking and we were inching closer and closer to the target. Soon I was done with the first of the 5 required to completed…. copied and pasted on the pendrive and gave to Rushi so that he could proceed with the formatting…. This was the actual implementation of multithreaded application of programming which would be easily be implemented and wondered how teachers made simple concepts tougher to understand…..

Rushi on his laptop engineered working with Word to get the formatting done… He cut and pasted the diagram onto the report which could be easily… then came Saron and Sanket after completing with submissions… I asked them to help Rushi out so that we could be on time….. We turned our eyes towards the clock and found it as 4:00 pm……

The clock was ticking and to make matters worse in an instance there was no power…. I kooked at the battery of the laptop and found 20%,  20 min remaining……. I told myself this is the time to perform… I hibernated the laptop and drew all the diagrams on pen and paper. So that i could easily copy them to make the soft copy… I started the laptop and looked at the battery 18min remaining….. I started with my task at hand and asked Sanket to take a look at our project guide so that he was in place… and we could find him as soon as we were done….. I completed with the diagrams and found Rushi almost done with a bit of help from Sanket and Saron…. I send him the diagrams this time using the WiFi technology of the college…. We were done and two of us looked at the time…..5:10pm….. 5 min to go and still the references and glossary remained…. While doing all the cut copy and paste stuff we all (really speaking we two…) had forgotten about the references…. and needed to tailor the references so that we could convince our guide which i thought would be a easier job…I openend Wikipedia and search with project title. All the references which came up in the list were our references. We just copied and pasted them, removed the hyperlinks. and we off to our guide’s cabin….. Clock showed 5:14 pm…. On the way I told Rushi that I am feeling like he won’t check the report and thought he won’t be there in the cabin… We reached there and found that he was not there… He had gone to have a cup of coffee….

As we waited for him to return we were discussing of the eventful day we had as he returned…. We opened the laptop in front of him he refused first and said the time for approving is over. We insisted and he gave us a last chance. he opened the report and just scrolled straight through the report. He stopped at only one page and guess what, which page was it…. References……….. Said just one sentence that references were not in the proper format and get the corrections done…. Get the report done tomorrow….  End of more day in the days of submissions…. This was the day when I realized the actual importance of cut copy paste in an engineers’ career…..


11 Responses to “Cut Copy Paste…..Engineers Slogan…..”

  1. Coool writeup… got me back to my college submission days… ooops!!! sorry… actually nights!!! 🙂

  2. Gopal said

    good job………
    engg is incomplete without this….

  3. Anurag Agrawal said

    hey dude…nice yaaar..
    life mein submission araam se ho jaye to kaisi life…??
    really u have expressed this very nicely…

  4. Yatin Agrawal said

    Nice man……………
    a best blog to show others how the life of comp. engineers is based on the crucial word CUT,COPY,PASTE …………………:))

  5. Sanket Kavishwar said

    wow.. nice blog man … well actually everybody readin this i am the sanket of the above blog… well subodh and rushi were actually screwed up(Cause me and saron were in submissions)… but nice exp … was really a bad day … 🙂

  6. vivek said

    After a long time i finally read it…..the truth of every engineer.
    The blog is put in such exact words, the feelings come real.
    ur writing skills are good man.
    very nice blog.

  7. muzzammil khan said

    excellent workup dude ………. keep it up ……….. i hope u didnt copy paste this write -up from somewhere else nd then changed the names later ……… afterall tum engineers ka kuchh bharosa nahi ……
    copy – paste frm wikipedia was the most funny part …
    keep going ……

  8. Lokesh Parakh said

    heyyyyy dude really nice yaar….u rocks….

    cut copy paste nahi raha to engg mar jayenge

    iske dum pe to engg hoti hai….

    cut,copy,paste = engg complete

  9. Lokesh Parakh said

    heyyyyy dude really nice yaar….u rocks….
    cut copy paste nahi raha to engg mar jayenge
    iske dum pe to engg hoti hai….
    cut,copy,paste = engg complete

  10. anshita said

    Cut,copy n paste rules!!!

  11. gkaundilya said

    Very good writing Subodh 🙂

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