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All the funs and memories of an Engineering College….

My journey…Down the Memory Lane…

Posted by Subodh on April 27, 2009

                Yes. The very last semester of Engineering. Soon I would complete my engineering. As I started walking towards the department for the final submissions, something was bothering me but I continued walking. As I walked past the Civil Department Building, I peeked inside and saw myself as though I was looking in the mirror. I paused. Before I could realize anything I saw all my first year friends coming down the steps one by one. The passed me as though they didn’t see me. I was stunned for a second and then realized that it was only my imagination. 

                 Something was calling me inside the building and I just followed it. As I stepped onto the first floor, I came across my first year’s classroom. All the memories started coming to mind as I started my journey… down the memory lane… Read the rest of this entry »


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Cut Copy Paste…..Engineers Slogan…..

Posted by Subodh on November 17, 2008

Dil Kya Kare…. Jab kissi se kissi ko pyaar ho gaye…. (My ringtone)……

“Hello, May I speak to Subodh Shah?”

“Yes Speaking.”

“This is Mr. X from the XXXX College of Engineering.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I just called to let you know that the last day of submission of preliminary project report is today. But till now no one has come to me for verification of the report. So are expected to get the report today before 5pm or else your project report won’t be accepted.”

A moment of blank mind state. Then suddenly I realised what a long day I was going to have….. Read the rest of this entry »

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Oooohhhhh! A Memorable day!!!!

Posted by Subodh on September 14, 2008

On a bright and sunny morning on June 5th, I awoke with a start and knew this was the day I needed to prove to myself what I was capable of. Could I run after my dreams and not only run after them but to achieve them. Got up early and was having my breakfast when suddenly my brain just had a flashback sort of light and all the good things that happened to me in my entire life came across my eyes. This was the moment that I realized that yes this is my day and I could do it. This was the day I needed to perform and I knew it that I was ready.


Those were the days of placements in my college and the day of my first real challenge. I was the only one to test myself.


            I had chosen not to appear for the big brand companies which all of them dreamt of and go for a new company which was in my field of interest and which really mattered to me. This was my first and the last chance to try and to show myself rather than showing others what I was made of. I had decided not to register for any of the other companies with the guidance of two of the most important persons in my life without my life won’t have been as simple as it is. When I told one of them about my decision he had just one thing to say……


“This is your decision and you should be ready to face the consequences. You have made the game the binary and you know what the result should be and what should be done in order to achieve to same.”


            I got it. I knew what I was supposed to do. They other important person in my life approved my decision and just said “GO FOR IT.” These were the words which got me fired up.


            As I was having my breakfast a friend, who was going to appear for the same company met me there. As we talked he told that he too had the same plans that I had and I learnt a very important lessons from him.




As I talked with him that how he was more clear with his goals and clear in his vision and how much how I could learn from him. As both of reached to the seminar hall I was very nervous and how much he was confident. After the presentation during the aptitude test I thought of only one thing I wanted to do it. As the coordinator announced the result, my heart began beating faster. As I heard my name being announced, I told to myself “First stage cleared.”


To be continued…….

Continuing on………


After the results were declared there was an immediate final theoretical test which tested each and every single drop of knowledge for purity and correctness. Then each of the students was supposed to face 2 rounds of interviews which made me feel more nervous. The waiting time for each interviews was very much wrenching and as each minute passed my heart beats became faster and louder.

The time of interview: As I was entered the room the interviewer was having snacks. As usual the first question was “Tell me about something yourself.” As I started to answer I felt the butterflies in my stomach flying, voice fluttering and nerves. After the first 20 seconds or so I settled down and then everything went on like a piece of cake.

I was about 3rd to get interviewed. And the second round of interview was to be conducted immediately after completion of the first. As I entered the waiting room the previous candidate was being interviewed. The next candidate to be interviewed entered after a couple of minutes. Surprisingly for me they called in the next candidate instead of me. The same was repeated for the next candidate and was there still waiting for my name still to called. Soon I realized that I was made to wait and my interview was rescheduled. Soon the last candidate came and he was called. As the coordinator called him he then told to me that I had scored very well in the test hence my interview would be taken last. Soon I was called for the interview and then the test of character started.

As they fired in the questions I could not even a single question completely but they were very much impressed by the approach. The interview lasted for about half an hour.

By the time the interview got over I knew what the result was going to be. Yes I was shortlisted but the recruitment was not completed successfully. Total 3 candidates were shortlisted. The recruiters then came to us and said the final selection is not yet complete. There would be one more round of telephonic interview which would be taken by the director of the company. Which never could happen; thanks to the rules lay down by the T&P office.

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